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Fuel additives

Fuel additives

Our fuel additives help ensure vehicles and equipment operate as designed by keeping vital components clean and removing harmful deposit build-up They protect the fuel system and enhance fuel characteristics giving an improvement in fuel economy, power and acceleration while helping to reduce harmful emissions and protect our environment.

The Afton chemical’s patented Mannich chemistry for gasoline and Greenclean®'s Detergent Technology for diesel provide best-in-class deposit control, combine these chemistries with other highly effective components such as friction modifiers, anti-foam agents, and corrosion inhibitors to provide total fuel performance.

Our additives comply with resolution 81055 of 1990

Greenclean™ is a trademark of Afton Chemical Corporation.

Gasoline Additives

aditivos para gasolina

HiTEC® 6560C Fully Synthetic Gasoline Performance Additive

Diesel Additives

aditivos para diesel

HiTEC® 4691 Diesel Performance Additive

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