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Dyes and marking systems for petroleum

Dyes and marking systems for petroleum

Fraser and Company represents United Color Manufacturing in Colombia. We provide industrial colorants and markers for applications in lubricants, coolants, oil, plastics, and inks.


Unisol liquid dyes are designed to provide an easy and economical way to color petroleum products. Unisol dyes are strong, bright, and easy to handle. They are specially designed to be used in fuels, biodiesel, lubricant oils, transmission, hydraulic fluids, greases, and leak detection.


Uniglow dyes are highly concentrated dyes that will produce a fluorescent effect in petroleum fluid when excited by UV light.


Aqueous dyes for petroleum applications such as antifreeze, detergents, degreasers, and metalworking fluids.


Chemical markers designed for Brand or grade identification, fraud detection, or monitoring fuels according to government regulations.

UNIMARK products remain colorless until detection and do not alter the fuel properties, are highly miscible, and can be easily field-tested.

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