We are Fraser

We are a family owned business founded by chemical engineer Donaldo Fraser on July 17, 1975, in Bogotá, Colombia. Our vision is to contribute to the sustainable development of the Colombian chemical industry, focused on the fuel and lubricant market.

We have a broad portfolio where our customers find solutions that respond to their needs, protect the environment and allow them to be at the forefront of world market trends.

At Fraser, we are committed to the environment. For this reason, our portfolio is focused on providing chemical solutions that promote the efficient use of fuels and increase engines' lifespan.

We have a flexible distribution network that allows us to guarantee short-term deliveries across the country.

Thanks to our experience, we have developed strategic alliances with our customers and suppliers, creating value through service and establishing long-term business relationships.


Our Values

In Fraser and company, we are recognized for our customer service, attention, and business and technical support. We are always willing to listen and meet our customers's requirements with kindness, integrity, respect, empathy, and promptitude, always maintaining the quality and commitment that identifies us.

Value propositions:


  • Supply guarantee with high efficiency
  • Specialized technical support
  • Specific solutions for our costumers
  • Long-term relationship.


More than suppliers, they are strategic allies that have the objective of being part of the Colombian market effectively and profitably with the positioning, deep knowledge of the market, and commercial support that Fraser can provide.


Afton Chemical Corporation is part of the NewMarket Corporation

Afton chemical has been working in the fuel and lubricant additives marketplace for over 90 years developing technology solutions including Driveline, Engine Oils, Performance and Refinery Fuels, and Industrial additives


United Color Manufacturing

United color manufacturing is a global leader in the design and production of dyes, additives, and covert marking systems for petroleum, plastic, ink, and various specialty applications