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Lubricant additives and components

Lubricant additives and components

Engine Oil Additives

materias primas para lubricantes

Our broad portfolio ensures that your lubricants have an optimal chemical balance, higher levels of protection, and competitive technical specifications.

Our engine oil additives are tailored to our customer’s unique product needs for heavy-duty engines, railroad locomotives, motorcycle (2T / 4T) engines, and passenger cars.

Our additives cover all API, SAE, ILSAC, ACEA quality standards and, are approved by major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Heavy Duty Additive Package- Diesel

HiTEC® 12200 HDEO Additive Package

HiTEC® 12210 Heavy Duty Additive Package

Passenger Car Engine Oil Additives- Gasoline

HiTEC® 9325G Engine Oil Additive Package:

HiTEC® 9595 Passenger Car Engine Oil Additive

HiTEC® 9300C Series Engine Oil Additive Packages

HiTEC® 11163 Passenger Car Engine Oil Additive

Two-Stroke Additive Packages

HiTEC® 2235 Two-Stroke Additive Package

4-Stroke Motorcycle Additive Package

HiTEC® 2240S 4-Stroke Motorcycle Additive Package -API SL JASO MA2

Driveline Additive Solutions

materias primas para lubricantes

Our driveline additives are developed for step-type automatic (ATF), continuously variable (CVT), dual-clutch (DCT), and manual transmissions. Our additives are also used in a variety of automotive gear and off-road applications.

Our technologies are recognized by world-class companies, including GM, Ford, Daimler, VW, Porsche, BMW, Mitsubishi, and Allison .

Our family of driveline additives also includes gear oil additives, designed to optimize driveline performance in both rear-axle and manual transmissions. Our additives are formulated to meet specific needs for quality, performance, marketable claims, base stock compatibility, environmental responsibility, and cost-efficiency.

Automatic transmition Fluid Additive Package

HiTEC® 3421 Multi-vehicle ATF Additive Package for Older Transmissions

Gear Oil Additive Packages

HiTEC® 343 Multi-functional Gear Oil Additive Package

Off-road Additive Package

HiTEC® 8703 Off-road Additive Package

HiTEC® 8888z Off Road Additive Package

Industrial Additives

aceites de motor

Our portfolio covers a broad range of technology solutions developed for Wind turbines, Industrial Gear, Turbine, Hydraulic, Grease, and Slideway applications.

Our leading-edge technology, and alternative solutions, help our customers stay at the forefront of their industry sectors.

Antiwear Hydraulic Additive Packages

HiTEC® 521 Antiwear Hydraulic Additive Package

HiTEC® 521F Antiwear Hydraulic Additive Package

Slideway Oil Additive Packages

HiTEC® 510M Slideway Oil Additive Package

HiTEC® 5091M Slideway Oil Additive Package

HiTEC® 561 Ashless Slideway Oil Additive:

Turbine Additive Packages

HiTEC® 2571 Premium R&O /Turbine Additive Package

Performance Grease Packages

HiTEC® 552 High Performance Grease Package

HiTEC® 343G Multifunctional Grease Additive

Lubricant Components

aditivos para combustibles

Our broad portfolio of products ensures that your lubricants have an optimal chemical balance, higher levels of protection, and differential and competitive characteristics

Rust Inhibitors

HiTEC® 536 Rust Inhibitor

Foam inhibitors

HiTEC® 2030 Non-Silicone Component

Pour Point Depressant

HiTEC® 672 Styrene/Maleic Ester Pour Point Depressant

Seal Swell Agent

HiTEC® 082 Alkylated Sulfone Seal Swell Agent

Tackifier Additive

HiTEC® 152 Tackifi er Additive

Viscosity Modifier

Olefin Copolymer (OCP) VII

HiTEC® 3301 Axle Fluid Viscosity Modifier

HiTEC® 5748 Olefin Copolymer VI Improver

HiTEC® 5785H Highly Shear Stable Viscosity Index Improver

Group III Base Oils

Group III Base Oils 4 cSt

Group III Base Oils 6 cSt

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